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24-Hour Radiology


The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences offers highly advanced scanning and imaging facilities, fully fledged to handle any clinical demands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff facilitates the utilization of imaging studies and interventional procedures.

We offer a wide array of image-guided procedures aided by Ultrasound, X-ray, CT, and MRI for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Facilities range from Echocardiography to conventional radiology, from Ultrasonography to mammography and dental panoramic X-ray, delivered by experienced radiologists and technicians. We are one of the private hospitals in the region with a Bi-Plane Cardiac Cath Lab and Angiography Suite capable of 3D reconstruction to show the exact concerned area for an acute heart attack and acute stroke. Our Hospital has an ultra high-speed 128 slice CT scanner which can provide Cardiac Calcium Scoring, CT-cardiac Angiogram, and whole-body CT Angiogram. The scanner is equipped with the most advanced interventional suite, allowing performance of the most intricate and complicated interventional procedure, and the most advanced guidance for complicated interventional procedures. The 1.5 Tesla Ultra Wide Bore MRI reduces any feeling of claustrophobia. It has the most advanced imaging software for Neurology, Cardiology, Breast, and Orthopedic applications. We have also added a non invasive state-of-the-art DEXA scanner for assessing bone health, predict fractures, and screen for Osteoporosis.

Our Team of 24-Hour Radiology


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