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The specialized team of Anesthesiologists at Universal Hospital practice evidence-based care. Their job involves the prevention of pain and anxiety to those about to undergo surgery. Pre-operative precautions and the comfort of our valued guests are ensured before any surgical procedure. Administration of anesthesia involves establishing a plan first, as well as making sure that the guests are aware of the same and are ready for the operation. Patient safety is of utmost importance here as good Pain Management leads to better surgical outcomes. It also reduces the scope of post-operative complications. Our Anesthesiologists also help reduce pain in people without admitting them and also manage very ill patients who require critical care. The qualified and experienced Doctors strive to provide Cardiac Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks, and Labor Analgesia services as per international protocols.

Our Team of Anesthesiology


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