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Dermatology and Cosmetology

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, with common disorders which affect all age groups, such as Acne, Allergies, Pigmented Skin Lesions, etc. At Universal Hospital, we treat a wide range of skin disorders in the safest and most effective manner possible. We offer treatments for:

  • All types of Skin Allergies 
  • Chronic Skin Diseases, such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo
  • Dermatoses of pregnancy and infancy
  • Facial Rejuvenation 
  • Nail, hair, and scalp disorders
  • Pigmented Skin Lesions
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc.

Our popular and multi-lingual Dermatologists provide skin management through various treatment options. We also have a dedicated branch for Venereology (the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases). The Department is located in Wellness Tower A, 15th floor, where both medical and non-medical staff provide an atmosphere of comfort and efficiency.

Our Team of Dermatology and Cosmetology


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