We have a team of highly talented and experienced multinational medical professionals who speak our patient’s local language thus not making language as a barrier. Universal Hospital believes in paperless culture and has integrated all the departments through a hi-tech IT system that reduces the patient waiting time and allows them to get a smooth and quick service experience through out the hospital.


Dr Nadir Saleem Dawood

MBChB, Dip Int Med, CABMS(Int Med)
Specialist Internal Medicine


- MB ChB - Mosul University, Iraq
- High Diploma Internal Medicine
- Fellow of the Council of Arab Board of Medical Specialissations (CABMS) (Internal Medicine)


- Specialist Internal Medicine - Universal Hospital, ABu Dhabi (since 2014)
- Specialist Internal Medicine and Supervised - Diabetic Mini Clinics for Dubai Health Authority across Dubai (2005)
- Specialist Internal Medicine - Diabetology Unit, Rashid Hospital (1999)
- Internist and Diabetologist - Medical Department, Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq (1991)
- Set up an Internal Medicine Clinic, a Diabetic Clinic, and a Specialized Clinic for Gestational Diabetes in two prestigious teaching hospitals in Baghdad, while teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students


- Management of Diabetes Mellitus
    - Type 1 - Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
    - Type 2 - Maturity Onset Diabetes Mellitus
    - Detection and Management of Long-Term Complications of Diabetes like affect the nerves (Diabetic Neuropathy), Kidneys ((Diabetic Nephropathy), etc
- Obesity and Obesity-related problems
- Thyroid Disorders
- Other Endocrine Disorders
- Hypertension
- High Cholesterol - Hyperlipidemia
- Management of Acute Medical Illnesses and Chronic Medical Illnesses
    - Endocrine Disorders
    - Bronchial Asthma
    - Typhoid
    - Other infectious diseases


- Participated in several international studies with regards to Diabetes and Hypertension
- Contributed to several medical journals
- Associated with medical societies, both within and outside the UAE

Dr Nadir Saleem Dawood

MBChB, Dip Int Med, CABMS(Int Med)
Specialist Internal Medicine