We have a team of highly talented and experienced multinational medical professionals who speak our patient’s local language thus not making language as a barrier. Universal Hospital believes in paperless culture and has integrated all the departments through a hi-tech IT system that reduces the patient waiting time and allows them to get a smooth and quick service experience through out the hospital.


Our patient-centric care aims to provide you with personalized attention and needs-specific solutions. At Universal Hospital, the health care team works with you and your family to plan and coordinate every aspect of your care.

Our Health-Care Team

Our patient-centric care aims to provide you with personalized attention and needs-specific solutions. At Universal Hospital, the health care team works with you and your family to plan and coordinate every aspect of your care.


Your attending doctors will develop a plan towards your eventual well being.


Nurses will coordinate your care and facilitate your transition home or to an extended care facility. They will assess your physical and emotional responses to treatment and will be assisted by licensed practical nurses.

Other Members:

Physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, housekeepers, radiology staff, laboratory staff, and/or porters are few others you may see during your hospital stay.

Not all staff will be wearing uniforms, which is why you can identify one wearing an identification badge to be an employee of the Hospital. Please ask if you are unsure as to whom a member of staff is.

Your comfort and Safety

The hospital staff will support and assist you in getting any help you need including any relevant information. To ensure patient safety and accurate patient identification you will be given an identification wristband. This wristband needs to be worn at all times while you are a patient in the hospital. You will be identified by the hospital wristband, which will be checked many times during your stay, to ensure patient safety during medication administration and while undergoing certain procedures. We take specific measures to ensure your safety and request your cooperation in the following ways:

. Do not get in or out of bed unless you have the doctor’s permission. Ask your nurse for assistance.
. Remain in bed after you have been given sleeping medication.
. Hospital beds are not wide as the bed you are accustomed to. Side rails are used for your protection. Do not try to lower these rails.
. Part of the hospital safety program is to practice drills or mock drills. Please do not be disturbed if you see or hear evidence of a drill for fire or disaster.
. During your stay in the Hospital as an inpatient, you cannot leave the premises for your own safety.

Treatment Care Plan

Treatment care plan is unique for every patient/guest. The treatment plan developed by your care team will be begin as soon as you are admitted and will follow you throughout your stay with us.

Infection Control

Cleaning your hands is the most important way to reduce the spread of germs that cause the common cold, flu, and sometimes even serious or life threatening diseases. While you are in the hospital, you may find it difficult to CLEAN your hands as often as you would like. Please use the alcohol hand gel. Visitors are also requested to use the alcohol gel available on the wall dispenser before they visit your bedside. All our visitors/guests are requested to wear protective gowns, shoe covers, and caps while visiting the critical care areas. This is to avoid cross contamination and Nosocomial Infections (also known as Hospital-Acquired Infection).

Progress Reports of Patients/Guests

If the patient/guest consents to share information, along with authorized signature, we will update relatives and friends on the former’s condition. For a patient/guest that is unable to share or understand information, he/ she can select a family spokesperson to be responsible for information on their progress. Let your nurse know who that person is, in order to contact them whenever required.

Food and Nutritional Services

Your meals are planned and evaluated by in-house dieticians in order to meet your nutritional and therapeutic needs. A Clinical Dietician will provide extra support to those patients/guests who need it the most. They will educate patients/guests about special eating plans and other dietary instructions; considering the desired texture of food as well as ethnic preferences.


Universal Hospital has a full service pharmacy offering high quality services. Located on the ground floor, it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week to meet your prescription requirements. The pharmacy offers complementary discharge prescription delivery services to all patients/guests.
Phone: +971 2 599 9555
Facsimile: +971 2 444 6667
Email: pharmacy@universalhospitals.com

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