We have a team of highly talented and experienced multinational medical professionals who speak our patient’s local language thus not making language as a barrier. Gulf Medical Center believes in paperless culture and has integrated all the departments through a hi-tech IT system that reduces the patient waiting time and allows them to get a smooth and quick service experience through out the hospital.


Managing your family’s HEALTHCARE needs.

Wings of Wellness

Gulf Medical Center - Dubai


At Gulf Medical Center - Dubai, We believe that a person IN BEST OF HEALTH creates the health of a family, a community, and the health of the entire humanity. This is the reason why we care for your overall well-being so much. You can now experience our Medical Expertise, Technological capabilities and compassionate care at Gulf Medical Center.

With our world class medical professionals and preventive care programmes we are committed to provide a comprehensive healthcare system in a comfortable ambience filled with warmth and personalized care. The trained staff are committed to provide the highest standards of healthcare services.

Address:Gulf Medical Centre Al Ittihad Road, Deira, Next to DNATA, Opposite to Nissan Showroom, Dubai, U.A.E Phone: +971 4 26 26 000 Fax: + 971 4 26 28 432 Email: dubai@universalhospitals.com Click For The Map Google Maps

Business Hours

Saturday to Thursday - 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Friday - 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM


    The Department of Paediatrics at Universal Hospital provides a safe and reassuring environment to making our young visitors feel at home.

    We have a team of fully qualified personnel working in a pleasant, child-friendly ambience for attending to all high risk deliveries, providing high quality patient care, creating a safe and secure environment for cost effective but high quality care.

    The scope of services of the Department includes :
    - Diagnosis and Treatment of all childhood diseases.
    - Cardiac diagnosis.
    - Respiratory diseases.
    - Flu vaccination.
    - Diet and nutrition.
    - Immunizations.
    - Child guidance.
    - Overall Health check-ups, etc.

    For quality care of the newborn, the Hospital also has an excellent Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our NICU is equipped with all the facilities required for general as well as intensive care of babies including ventilation, continuous cardiac monitoring, ventilator support, total body cooling, blood exchange transfusion, high intensity Phototherapy, Hearing and Metabolic screening, etc. We have qualified NICU nursing staff for providing nursing care around the clock.


    The Department of Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry at Universal Hospital is fully-equipped to provide expert dental consultation, oral surgeries, implants, and much more. Our brilliant Dentists have developed clinical skills and training over the years in using advanced technologies and practice competent oral hygiene.

    The Department is renowned for its commitment to comprehensive oral care and the high quality of service. From subtle changes such as discolored or chipped teeth, to major repairs such as misshapen or missing teeth, our Dentists can help improve your greatest tool for creating a great first impression… Your Smile!

    The scope of services here includes, but not limited to, the following :
    -Prosthodontics (Fixed Prosthodontics, Laminates, Maxillofacial Prosthetics).
    - Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.
    - Oral surgery.
    - Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry.
    - Periodontics.
    - Aesthetic Dentistry.
    - Digital X-Ray (RVG).

    The Department of General Medicine is probably one of the most popular Departments at Universal Hospital. No wonder too, considering the caring and multilingual Medical Practitioners whose knowledge of treatment ranges from simple non-life threatening health concerns to acute and chronic illnesses. They are often the first stop for families and individuals alike who seek an early detection of serious diseases and preventative care, including health education and immunization. Those who require a more specialized treatment are referred to the Specialists within the Hospital premises so that precious time is not lost to restore the well-being of the guest.

    Along with more than thirty Doctors covering your health requirements at the tertiary care facility, the Clinics at Baniyas and Dubai also offer a complete range of medical and dental services. Irrespective of whether you are in some Medical Emergency, require your family’s health checked, or even conduct a workshop or camp outside the Hospital premises, our Medical Practitioners are always on the forefront, eager to spread awareness and cure in the most effective manner possible.

    Universal Hospital offers comprehensive care for women during pregnancy and at other times when they need medical attention.

    The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department has highly experienced and well qualified Gynaecologist who offer specialized attention and compassionate care for women.

    Our Obstetricians believe in evidence-based treatment for the overall wellbeing of the mother and their babies before, during, and after delivery.

    They treat a range of feminine medical issues related to pre- and post-pregnancy, pregnancy, adolescence and urinary issues across all age groups.

    The department offers the following services :

    Gynaecological and Pre Pregnancy Care
    - Contraceptive guidance.
    - Menstrual and Hormonal Disorders.
    - Excessive bleeding(menorrhagia).
    - Infertility Management.
    - Ovarian Cyst.
    - Vaginal discharge and Leucorrhoea.
    - Sexual Health.
    - Pre-Conception Counselling.
    - Adolescent Menstrual Disorders.
    - Adolescent Disorders.
    - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
    - CT Scan and MRI.

    Antenatal Care
    - Antenatal Checkup for normal preganacy.
    - Screening for Down Syndrome and other Chromosomal Disorders.
    - Management of recurrent Abortions.
    - Ultrasound for Antenatal Checkup.
    - Ectopic Pregnancy.
    - Low lying placenta.

    Delivery Services
    - Normal Vaginal Delivery.
    - Difficult or Instrumental deliveries.
    - Caesarean deliveries.
    - complicated Caesarean Section.
    - Painless Labour.

    Postnatal Care
    - Advice on weight loss after pregnancy.
    - Advice on breast feeding.
    - Contraceptive guidance after delivery

    Post Menopausal Care
    - Menopausal and Osteoporosis Management.
    - Menopause - Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT).
    - Menopause - Non-Hormonal Management.

    Other Gynaecological Surgeries and Procedures
    Pap Smear and Colposcopy for cervical screening.
    - Breast cancer screening and mammograms.
    - Hysteroscopy for Endometrial Pathology.
    - Diagnostic and therapeutic Laparoscopy.
    - Laparoscopic Surgeries.
    - Hysterectomy.
    - Myomectomy.
    - Colposcopy .
    - Vaginal Birth after previous Caesarean Section.
    - Non-surgical management of fibroids.
    - Uterine Artery Embolism (non surgical management of uterine fibroids).

    They also offer management of :
    - Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD.
    - Urinary and Faecal Incontinence.
    - Prolapse Uterus.
    - Hormonal Disorders.
    - Bone Health and Bone scan.
    - Cervical Cancer Screening and Pap Smear.


    The Department of Internal Medicine is delivers patient care of the highest quality and offers a wide scope of medical services for acute and chronic ailments. In addition, the Department provides preventive health care and routine examination.

    It provides medical care to a large range of ages from children to the elderly and provides various services like:

    - General family care (both male and female).
    - Preventive care and screening of females (such as mammograms and pap smears).
    - Annual health checks and metabolic disease screening.
    - Treatment of acute illnesses like colds, headaches, migraines, muscle and back pain, rashes and skin diseases.
    - Evaluation for weight issues.
    - Treatment and follow up of Thyroid problems.
    - Management of Lifestyle Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Dyslipidaemia.
    - Management of high cholesterol and heart disorders.
    - General adolescent illnesses like fever, rashes, viral illnesses, growth disorders.
    - Family planning and contraceptive advice.
    - Old age prolonged care and multiple medication correction.

    The Department also offers expert management and follow up for Diabetes Mellitus (during pregnancy and gestational as well), Obesity, Thyroid, and other chronic diseases like Hypertension, Hypercholesterolaemia, etc.

    In addition to the Internal Medicine Department the hospital has various specialist departments like Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Endocrinology, Gynaecology and Pulmonary Medicine to deal with specific areas of medicine.


    Gulf Medical Center is equipped with an ultramodern, rapid response, fully automated and computerized Clinical and Anatomical Pathology Laboratory. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Laboratory provides comprehensive diagnostic results for effective treatment of our esteemed guests.

    It is manned by a team of highly qualified HAAD-licensed Clinical Pathologists, Histopathologists, Microbiologists and technical staff.

    The Department strives to continually improve its benchmarks with rigorous local and international accreditation.

    The scope of accurate and quality services offered includes :
    - Phlebotomy.
    - Haematology and Coagulation.
    - Clinical Biochemistry and Specialized Chemistry.
    - Immunology.
    - Serology.
    - Clinical Pathology.
    - Microbiology.
    - Histopathology.
    - Cytopathology.
    - Blood Transfusion(Cross Matching only).
    - Point-of-Care testing in the wards.
    - Drug Testing for employment.

    Universal Hospital has two full-service Pharmacies, each located on the ground floor of Wellness Towers A and B. Our Pharmacies combine advanced technology and experienced staffing in a harmonious blend to provide around the clock pharmaceutical services. These services are also extended to the Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient services.


    All major insurance policies are accepted.