WHY UNIVERSAL Baniyas Clinic

We have a team of highly talented and experienced multinational medical professionals who speak our patient’s local language thus not making language as a barrier. Universal Hospital believes in paperless culture and has integrated all the departments through a hi-tech IT system that reduces the patient waiting time and allows them to get a smooth and quick service experience through out the hospital.


Patient Info

We Truly Care About Our Patients

Universal Hospitals seek to set high standards of hospitality FOR its patients/guests and provide excellent amenities for your stay.
The Health Care Team, Our patient-centric care aims to provide you with personalized attention and needs specific solutions. At Universal Hospital, the health care team WORKS with you and YOUR family to plan and coordinate every aspect of your care.
We Got You Covered.
Universal Hospital, (UH) treats thousands of international patients every year. We feel that travelling far from home to receive care can be Complex and stressful.
Medical Tourism is a rapidly growing trend of traveling across international borders for quality healthcare. Universal Hospital warmly Welcomes international patients/ guests to benefit from our world-class facilities and treatment..
How do I make an Appointment at Universal Hospital ?
Simply call us at +971.2.599.9555 or you can request an appointment online at www.universalhospitals.com. On your first visit, the Receptionist will require your personal details and/or see your Emirates ID. Kindly comply and confirm your appointment. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment, please inform us at the earliest so that another patient may take your slot.

1500 Patients Daily

They're satisfied. We're happy!

Room Facilities

We truly care about our patients

Universal Hospitals seek to set high standards of hospitality for its patients/guests and provide excellent amenities for your stay, ranging from:
- Suites .
- Private Rooms.
- Semi Private Rooms.
- General Ward.
Our Hospital environment offers a serene, peaceful, and secure atmosphere. The nursing staff on duty is dedicated to help make your stay comfortable.

How We Care

We truly care about our patients

The hospital staff will support and assist you in getting any help you need including any relevant information. To ensure patient safety and accurate patient identification you will be given an identification wristband. This wristband needs to be worn at all times while you are a patient in the hospital. You will be identified by the hospital wristband, which will be checked many times during your stay, to ensure patient safety during medication administration and while undergoing certain procedures. We take specific measures to ensure your safety and request your cooperation in the following ways:
- Do not get in or out of bed unless you have the doctor’s permission. Ask your nurse for assistance.
- Remain in bed after you have been given sleeping medication.
- Hospital beds are not wide as the bed you are accustomed to. Side rails are used for your protection. Do not try to lower these rails.
- Part of the hospital safety program is to practice drills or mock drills. Please do not be disturbed if you see or hear evidence of a drill for fire or disaster.
- During your stay in the Hospital as an inpatient, you cannot leave the premises for your own safety.